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Snuggle Pup

Sean took this picture of Amber and I snuggling in for a Saturday nap. She is legitimately the 'snuggliest' dog I have ever encountered. She eventually settled he head onto my shoulder and snored against my next for the better part of an hour.

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Bean Pot

This is probably the piece of pottery I am most proud of so far. It's a bean pot, with a lid. The lid fits perfectly, and the glaze looks really awesome in person. It's really hard to get a good photo - the glaze is so shiny that pictures never really come out. But trust me, it's cool. :)

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Wall Decoration Finished

I finished and hung the decorations I had been working on in the previous post. We're pretty happy with how they came out! And it has definitely made a difference on the audio problems we were having in there. It's still not perfect, but there is definitely a significant improvement.

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