CRT2016 – Assateague Island / Ocean City

Day two of Carter's road trip saw us visiting Assateague Island and Ocean City, Maryland. Assateague Island is a National Park on a barrier island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia. The most interesting thing about it is the herd of wild ponies that live on the island. The weather was miserable, so we only saw a few ponies - but it was still pretty cool. The unexpected thing we found on the beach was dozens of washed up shells of horseshoe crabs - not many of the shells were fully intact, but we did see a few that were pretty big. After we left the island we traveled on to Ocean City. It was a nice little seaside town. In the summer I'm sure it is crazy, but this time of year it was nearly abandoned - which was actually kind of nice. We walked on the beach, played some mini-golf (we were the guy's only customers all day), and had dinner at a cool little place that only makes pizza and pancakes, any time of day.

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