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Carter’s Painting

Carter painted this a few nights ago. There was a "painting party" at the school where they brought in a professional artist that walked the kids through painting step by step. She had a really good time, and I think they are going to do another session next month. Even though we asked her if we could hang this in the living room, she insisted on hanging it in her newly decorated bedroom.

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Carter’s Room

Carter and I completely reworked her room recently - we just finished. We painted the walls, put her old bed back, and tore up the carpet and replaced it with a solid bamboo floor. It's nice and bright in there now. And a lot more girly, as you can see. Not to mention cleaner!

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Slide-Out Panty – Part 2

Since the last post on this project I've got the wheels mounted, painted the shelves, and affixed the red oak false front. Although I had some chip-out on the oak front when I routed it flush - I may need to replace it before I'm done.

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Camp Knife – Part 3

I got the handle on and polished the blade a few weeks ago. Next I've got to work on a sheath - right now I am protecting the blade with a cardboard blade cover I cut from a cereal box.

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Sean is doing a poetry unit at school, and his most recent assignment was to write a Haiku. He showed me what he wrote, and (I'm sure there is some parental bias at work here, but hey!) I really liked it. Here it is - he entitled it "Jellyfish".

Jelly in water
Sees the light by the bright sun -
and glows like a gem.

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