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Robot Attack

This is a stop-motion video Sean made with a friend at a LEGO-themed birthday party today.

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Before and After

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LEGO Darth Vader

Just another bit of 3D-printed silliness - this design also came from Thingiverse. He stands about six inches tall, and his arms and legs move just like a real LEGO minifig. I still need to make him a felt cape, but he looks pretty good even without it.

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Color Organ

Started experimenting with the Adafruit Trinket, and their RGB Neopixels. I'm starting with one of their example projects - a color organ using a Trinket, a few Neopixels, and a small microphone with integrated AGC. Once it's working, I think I may put it inside the Pandora radio to add a little bling to that project.

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I built another bookcase to go under my electronics workbench, in order to get some stuff off the bench and out of my way. I will probably end up building one more to go to the left of the corner bookcase, so that I can move the rest of my "how-to" book collection down to the "lab".

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