Stuff I’ve Printed So Far

Aside from the case for the Raspberry Pi-based Gameboy I've been working on (that I showed in an earlier post), here are a few examples of things I've been printing lately (note - all of these models are from The first photo shows some of the contents of a shelf near the printer. Each time I try out a new filament color, I use a low-poly Pokemon character to test out the filament and tweak the settings for that particular spool - it was Sean's idea. So far I've got a red Charmander, a blue Squirtle, a yellow Pikachu, and a green Bulbasaur. :)

This next item is one of the first genuinely useful things I've printed. It's a clamp that lets the kids attach their tablets to the tripod when they want to make videos. It sure beats their old method of propping it up with books and hoping it doesn't fall over while they are recording.

This next one is an articulated robot action figure. He actually prints all at once, and when the print is complete the arms, legs, and head all can move. It's a pretty ingenious piece of 3D modelling, actually. On mine his left arm broke off during printing, but he is otherwise fully functional.

And the last example shown here is a case for a Raspberry Pi (Model B). Hopefully I'll find (or model myself) a case for the Model B+ soon!

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