Father’s Day Cookout – 2014

Last weekend was our annual Father's Day / Lori's Birthday Cookout - I think this was either our 5th or 6th one. Every year it gets a little bigger, and this one was no exception. Although I think next year we may forgo the bouncy house - most of the kids are getting too old for it, and the littler ones are still too young for it. So I think we may take a break from it for a year or two. The kids still had fun with squirt guns and water balloons, though. Plus this year I had the arcade cabinet that I had built for Sean in the garage, and I had also built a Raspberry Pi-based photobooth which I plan to show off in a future post. Below are some random pics from the cookout. I love that my Dad photobombed the one of James and Kathy - he looks so little back there!

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