Carter and I just returned from the road trip we've been planning for the last couple of months. We covered a little over a thousand miles and four states over the last four days. We're hoping to make this an annual thing, and to go somewhere new each time.

For this first trip we drove up to Burlington, VT and Lake Champlain, then along the St. Laurence River to Lake Ontario, through the Catskill Mountains (NY) and the Berkshires (MA) and back to New Hampshire. We got within a stone's throw of Canada, and passed through Mexico along the way - well Mexico, NY, at least. Heh.

Carter had a great time, and did amazing in the car - even on Day 3, when we had to drive for several hours without a stop. She looked out the windows and took pictures, colored her coloring book, listened and sang along to music with me, played road games - and when all else failed, she took naps. She loved staying in the hotels and swimming in the pools, too. And each morning she delighted in the various breakfast offerings at the hotels - I don't know where she was putting all that food.

We've got plenty of stop-specific details and photos to share, and will use them for a set of upcoming posts!

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