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Went to the Beach Today

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Sriracha – Round Two

I went through the first batch of the homemade Sriracha pretty quickly, and decided that another batch was in order. I could find enough red Fresno peppers this time, and had to substitute some green Jalapenos for part of the recipe. Due to that substitution, the color wasn't as nice and red, and the sauce is a lot hotter than I was aiming for. Still good, but I like it a little milder in general. This time I made up some funny labels that the kids helped me out with.

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Sean’s Painting

Sean brought this painting of a birch tree home from school a couple of weeks ago. Something about it really appealed to me - he really captured the likeness of the bark of a white birch. I think I'm going to find it a home somewhere in the house. Maybe I could make a frame for it - I've even got some birch lumber I harvested from a birch tree that I cut down when clearing a spot for the cabin. How appropriate!

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