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Homemade Sriracha

I made a batch of homemade Sriracha sauce over the last week. It's pretty easy - basically you puree the peppers and some other ingredients, put it in a jar, then let it ferment at room temperature for a week. After that you just bring it to a boil with some vinegar, force it through a strainer, and bottle it. Looking forward to putting some on whatever we eat for dinner! If it ends up being pretty good I think I'm going to make a bigger batch sometime soon so I've got some to give away) and make up some fun labels to print for the bottles.

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Rock Tumbler

I got Carter a rock tumbler for Christmas, and we've been running it non-stop since then. We finished our third batch of rocks today - each batch takes about a week at each grit, for a total of about four weeks per batch. This last batch was a bunch of agates and jaspers from Mexico. They came out really pretty, as you can see.

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Leprechaun Trap

Carter built a leprechaun trap again this year for St. Patrick's Day. This time she said it was disguised as a "gold factory", complete with cooling tower - where they apparently manufacture gold. Still no luck with catching him this year, but he did leave behind some gold nugget bubblegum.

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