More Sketches

I've been sketching a lot lately, and decided it was time for an update. These first two are a couple of watercolors I did recently. The one on the left is from Maudslay State Park while the Rhododendrons were in bloom. The one on the right is a duck Lori and I saw at the San Diego zoo, just wandering around on the walkway.

These next two are just pencil sketches. The one on the left is a church we saw in La Jolla, while wandering around town. The one on the right I call "old man Ryan" - it's a drawing of my nephew in his big winter coat, but for some reason every time I try to draw one of the kids' faces they always end up looking a lot older than they actually are. I think it might be that I'm not drawing their faces wide enough for kid proportions - but I'm not sure.

This last one is a pencil sketch of a tortoise we saw at the San Diego zoo - the sketch doesn't get across the size of this thing, though. He was big enough that I could have climbed on his back and taken a ride around his enclosure - my feet might have touched the ground, but not by much.

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