Jake Shimabukuro

Dad and I took Carter to her first real concert last night - we saw Jake Shimabukuro at the Stockbridge Theater. This guy is phenomenal - he started playing when he was 4 (he's 36 now), and became famous by accident, essentially. Check out his wiki page to read the story. It was a great show last night - it was just Jake and a ukulele, blowing us away for two hours. He can make that thing do anything, from bluegrass, to flamenco, to classical music - at one point he even plugged into some effects pedals and pulled of some hard rock style, all-over-the -fretboard-at-lightning-speed craziness. Carter's eyes were as big as dinner plates half the time - and I'd have to admit my own probably were too. We got to meet him after the show, and I took Dad's picture with him. My only regret is that I didn't bring one of my ukuleles for him to sign! You'd better believe that I will next time, though!

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