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Ukulele – Side Bender

Since Carter and I have started noodling around on the ukuleles, I've been interested in building one again. This weekend I threw together a soprano-sized side bender. It was a lot easier to make than I expected. I made one side profile, then used a template-cutting router bit to make all the others exactly the same. It went together really quickly, in between steps on another furniture project. Haven't tried to bend any sides with it yet - that'll be next weekend.

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Carter’s First Ukulele Song

Carter and I got a pair of ukuleles last weekend, and have been trying to learn how to play them together. She knows three chords now, and has tried to string them together into a little song. She's doing good so far!

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Side Table

I just completed a cherry side table to go with the Morris chair I built years ago in Texas. It's all solid quartersawn cherry, with tiles inset into the top. The cherry should darken over time - especially sitting right in the window where it is, where it'll be exposed to UV for hours a day.

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Bathroom Mirror

Just finished a mirror I made to match the medicine cabinet I finished late last year. It's made of hickory, with mahogany accents - just like the medicine cabinet. The hickory I used for the body of the medicine cabinet was spalted, but I didn't have any more of it - the hickory I used for the mirror is 'normal' hickory.

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