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Wooden Hand Plane

Over the Christmas break I built this wooden hand plane. It's made from maple and cocobolo, with a boiled linseed oil finish. The blade still needs sharpening before I can try it out, but it sure looks good!

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Birdhouse Ornaments

I made a whole bunch of these birdhouse ornaments on the lathe to give out as Christmas gifts. They are all unique - I didn't make any two the same. They're made from lots of different types of woods - butternut, maple, cherry, ash, hickory, bubinga, and African mahogany. I think I might try to make a tradition out of making a different kind of ornament every year.

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Cutting Board

I made a couple of end-grain cutting boards for Christmas - one for my Dad, and one for Lori. They are cherry, maple, and walnut.

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To Each His Own

Lori came downstairs one morning to find Sean asleep on the couch, in this position. His head is wedged into the corner between the couch back cushions, and he was fast asleep. What a weirdo.

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Jewelry Organizer

Tracy and I came up with the design together, and then I built the pair for her and Andi for Christmas. Tracy's is the white, Andi's the teal. The third picture is Tracy's, all set up. I like how they came out!

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Breakfast with Santa – 2012

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