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Papercut Project for Carter

Started this thing almost a year ago, when I was doing all of those paper-cut portraits. Finally got around to finishing it, and putting it up in Carter's room.

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Medicine Cabinet Finished

I started building this medicine cabinet almost a year ago, during my Christmas break last year. Then I put it aside for a good long time. For some reason, I got a fire lit under myself to finish it up recently - and here it is, all done! The wood of the body is some spalted hickory I milled from a tree that was has been down for several years in our back woods. The door frames are from some mahogany that a coworker saved for me when he saw a neighbor getting ready to throw it out. All in all, a good project. Now I've just got to make a mirror to go with it. :)

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Carter’s Birthday Playdate

After lots of waiting for a class list for Carter's class so that we could schedule her birthday party, we eventually threw in the towel and scheduled a big playdate with a select few friends instead. It actually worked out really well - Lori had all kinds of activities planned for the kids (only half of which we actually ended up with time for), and they all had a really good time.

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Carter’s BFF

Just a cute picture Lori took during a recent playdate Carter had with her best friend Olivia.

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