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Cabin: Door and Soffits

I've finished installing the door and boxing in the soffits. On top of that, I've also finished staining the main part of the exterior walls - just have the trim to do now. But first I've got to caulk the heck out of everything - there are lots of little gaps around, due to all the little mistakes I made during building. But that was the one of the main points of building this cabin - to learn, so that next time, when we buy a piece of land somewhere and build ourselves a little getaway, I can do a much better job.

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Starting Early

For the past six months or so, Sean has been taking showers rather than baths. But the other night, he was feeling nostalgic and decided he wanted a bath instead so that he could relax and play with some toys. So I just left him alone to play, and went and hung out with Lori and Carter. At some point, I went back to check on him. He was playing with a bunch of toys - a plastic dog, a little fish, a Barbie - stuff like that. I didn't think he had even noticed me coming back into the bathroom, because he didn't look up or talk to me, or anything. After a minute or so, he looks at me slyly out of the corner of his eye with a Barbie in his hands and softly says, "hey Dad, wanna see her boobs?"

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Cabin: Stain and Steps

With the weather starting to warm up a bit, I've been able to get back to working on the cabin here and there. A few weeks ago when we had that near-summer weekend, I was able to get half of the cabin exterior stained. Unfortunately, since then it hasn't been warm enough for me to stain the other two sides. I still need to install soffits and a door to get it all sealed up before I can start the interior. But in the meantime, with the weather too cold for stain, I've started putting in some rock steps leading up to the cabin. What do you think?

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Maudslay State Park

We went to Maudslay State Park yesterday for a short hike. The kids did great! They've really grown a lot in the last year - they both walked by themselves the whole way, and no one asked to be carried.

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