New Project: Light Grid

I've started a new project at home for fun. I've wanted to start playing around with an Arduino microcontroller for a while now. A few months ago, I came across several online projects (like this one and this one) involving using the Arduino to control a new style of Christmas lights made by GE. This Christmas lights are composed of a string of RGB (red-green-blue) LED modules that can be used to create any color of the rainbow. Each LED module on the string is individually controllable, and the stock remote that comes with the lights can only do a dozen or so patterns - and most of them are fairly boring. So - similar to the link I mentioned about - I want to cut up a string of modules and arrange them in a 7x7 grid, build a nice wooden enclosure for them, and display various pattens on the grid based on different events. For example, maybe I could make fireworks on the display when I receive an email. Stay tuned for future posts - I've actually gotten a little ways on this project, I just haven't gotten the photos together yet.

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