Raise the Roof!

Over the holiday break, I managed to get Carter's loft bed finished and set up in her room. It worked out great! It's high, but she can still sit up just fine. And her room is so tiny, that it made a huge impact in her available space. I think we almost doubled her play area by getting her bed up off of the floor. Both kids were most impressed with the fact that they could touch the ceiling now, without my having to lift them up. Sean's bed is about halfway done, and I should get it finished within the next couple of weeks. The beds are both built with just framing lumber, so they only cost me about $50-75 per bed in materials. They're finished with a whitewash finish, with two coats of polyurethane over the top. That whitewash finish should help hide the wear and tear on the bed much better, and is really easy to touch up.

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