A Bushel of Bowls

A few weeks ago, I helped a friend cut down an apple tree that was growing too close to his house. I took a whole bunch of the wood home with me, to use for woodturning. Since then, I've roughed out all of these bowls. Once they've finished drying out, I can turn them down to finished thickness, and put some finish on them. But for now, they're still soaking wet. While turning them on the lathe, I sometimes ended up with a line down my shirt and across the floor of water. When turning fresh apple wood, there's a smell almost of apple cider - it was pretty cool. I really like the contrast between the dark red heartwood and the cream-colored sapwood in these pieces. Apple has a tendency to crack and twist pretty badly as it dries, so if at least 50% of these rough-turned blanks make it through to finished bowls, I'll be really happy.

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