Indoor Camp-Out

A couple of weeks ago, it got super-windy and we lost power for about three days. The first night, Lori and Carter slept at a friend's who still had power, while Sean and I opted to stay at the house for an indoor camp-out. It was pretty awesome. We read books by the light of a fire in the fireplace and we toasted mini-marshmallows on toothpicks over a candle. Sean kept lighting his marshmallows on fire, blowing them out, and declaring their burnt outer shells "delicious". He must take after his Grammy on that one. I don't think I've ever seen her actually "toast" a marshmallow - hers always go front the bag right to full-out flame. Right before bed, we played a solid hour of hide-and-go-seek with flashlights, which was ridiculously fun. It is so much easier to find a decent hiding spot when the house is pitch-black. That night he slept in my with me and the two dogs, all huddled together in a huge pile of blankets so we could keep warm. It was awesome - he hasn't had that much uninterrupted and unshared "daddy time" for a long time.

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