Status of the Garden

So, mixed results from the garden so far this year. Here's the rundown:
Bulb onions: bust - too much rain in June, they rotted in the ground. Will try again next year.
Bunching onions: semi-success - doing awesome, but we don't eat that many. So they just sit out there, taunting me. Won't plant next year.
Carrots: potential success - they are doing great, but growing slowly. Will plant again next year, in a sunnier spot.
Garlic: bust - see bulb onions. Will try again this fall.
Tomatoes: likely failure - Were doing incredible. Have started dying - might be bacterial wilt. Will try again.
Cucumbers: guarded success - Doing great - except that they are perfectly round. Picked and ate one - delicious anyway. Will plant again.
Hot Peppers: success - Growing well. Can't wait for harvest - hopefully no frost before then. Will plant again.
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