First Camping Trip

Sean and I went on our very first camping trip last weekend. It started out a little less than promising (it rained all morning while we were getting ready, and was still raining when we left), so I was surprised by how well everything went.
On the way to the campground, Sean was playing a game in the back seat where he would cover himself with beach towels, and they he would want me to pretend that I had forgotten him at home. After a few rounds of this game, he actually fell asleep under those towels, and slept until we got there.
When we first arrived at the campground, it was still pouring. So we put on our raincoats and got our tent up as fast as we could, but we still ended up getting soaked. At that point I just said to myself "the hell with it!", and told Sean to go nuts. He looked confused for a minute, and then he decided to go for it before I could change my mind. He jumped in every muddy puddle he could find, and enjoyed himself tremendously. He was going around showing everyone that he had "the dirtiest socks in the universe!" He was quite proud of them.
The next morning we played on the playground until it warmed up enough to go swimming. Just recently, Sean has finally learned how to swing by himself, so that he only needs a push to get started and can then keep himself going by himself.
We made s'mores that night - I think this was Sean's first time eating one, even though he's been talking about them for months. All told, He ate three s'mores and I was nervous that he was never going to sleep. But once it got dark, he actually asked to go to bed, in fact.
When I woke up in the morning, I looked over at Sean, and this is what I saw. Teddy bear on his head, and mouth wide open. So cute. Moments later, he woke up and rubbed his eyes. He climbed on top of me and gave me an enormous hug, then said "I love camping with you, Daddy."
It made me so happy - I love those moments when he and I really connect. Of course, once we got home it was right back to fighting with his sister and getting in trouble, but it was somehow easier to deal with after the wonderful weekend we had shared together. I hope we get a chance to go again real soon.
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