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Congrats Carter!

Just for those who didn't know, Carter is basically done with daytime diapers! Hooray! We've been working on training her for the past few weeks or so, and it's been hit or miss - she was having a fair number of accidents. But this week we took the plunge and decided it was underwear all day, no matter what - and she's been doing great! She's even started to wake up dry some mornings, so even nighttime diapers may not be around for long. She loves talking about how she is a big girl now, because she can use the potty. She is so proud of herself. Of course, her potty humor has cranked up a notch now, too. But that's the price we pay. :)
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After canoeing, we decided to stay at the beach and do a little swimming. Nobody was in a bathing suit though, as we had originally planned to just head straight home. I was helping Sean do cannonballs by grabbing his waist and launching him into the air. That kid is really taking to the water. He can already swim under water for short distances (3-4 feet), and he keeps his eyes open. Carter did great too - she came out much deeper than she normally would. I think having Daddy in the water with her made her especially brave.

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We took the new canoe out this weekend, not knowing what to expect from the kids. Much to our surprise, they were great! We all had a good time. We've really only got one picture from the canoe itself, but we'll try to take more next time.

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Lori got some great pictures last week while the kids were playing in the pool. She was able to catch them in the air as they were jumping off the slide. The light must have been just right coming off of the water in the pool - normally every time she attempts a shot like this they just come out blurry.

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Who’s Your Daddy?

First, some context. Sean's teacher is named Miss Nicole. She's in her early 20's, and quite attractive. Lori claims that she is "my type". So that said, here's the story:

I was home from work yesterday, and I picked Sean up at school after his lunch. On the way home in the van, Sean says to me, "Are you Miss Nicole's daddy?" So I immediately respond, in my euphemism voice, "why...did she say so?" And Sean says, "Yes, Miss Nicole said that you were her daddy!" Needless to say, this tickled my funny bone. When I told Lori the story later, she was howling with laughter. I'm guessing Miss Nicole must have talking to Sean about how I was HIS daddy, and he somehow got the pronouns mixed up. :)

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Just a quick story about something funny that happened at home the other night. Lori, Carter, and I were in the living room playing on the floor. Sean had just gotten up to go use the bathroom. So we're all talking, and suddenly Sean comes bouncing in the living room, drops his pants, throws his arms up in the air and exclaims, "Ta-da! Penis!" Lori and I just look at each other, and then bust out laughing. I have no idea what he did that for, but it cracked us up. I joked with Lori that I think it was his very first pick up line.
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Recently, the kids helped me transplat some young pepper and tomato seedlings into containers. These kids just love to garden. They get their little gloves and spades, and go to town. I'm sure at least one aspect of it was that it was the first sunny day we had had in weeks, and they were just enjoying the time outside. And on the other hand, what little kid doesn't like getting dirty - especially when they know they won't get in trouble? I can't wait until we actually start harvesting some tomatoes - I'll bet the kids will be so excited to eat something they've grown themselves. They already talk a lot about the flowers we planted, which have just recently started to bloom.

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Take My Picture!

Carter is becoming quite the little ham. This photo was totally staged, but not by us. She was playing quietly in the living room, and found her props, set up the rocking horse, and climbed on. Then she called Lori into the room and said "Mommy, do you want to take my picture?" How cute is that? I remember Tracy being a bit of a ham when she was little, and it's adorable to see the same thing in my own daughter.

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The kids have really started to take an interest in the dogs these past couple of months. For the longest time, Sean and Carter both treated the dogs as little more than mobile furniture, and usually couldn't even remember which dog was which. But lately, they love those pups. They pat them, talk to them, try to get them to play - this past weekend, Sean even helped me give them a bath.

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Preschool Graduation

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Sean's preschool graduation ceremony. We were more than a little worried about him - sometimes these sorts of things give him a lot of anxiety, and he sort of melts down. But to our surprise, he did such a good job. He sang the song, pledged his allegiance to the flag, and even enjoyed the clown they brought in. I was so proud to see my little fella sitting there with all of his friends - it feels good to know that he's developing a little life and relationships of his own, outside of the family.

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