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Pig Pile on Daddy

These are the moments I live for - when both of the kids are climbing on me, and we're all laughing and having a good time. I can't wait until Carter and I can wrestle the way Sean and I do now. There should be some fun tag-team matches in our future!

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Lions and Tigers and Bears!

We took the kids to the zoo last weekend. It was Carter's first time, but Sean has been once before, about a year ago. The first time we took him, he hardly even noticed what was going on. We had high hopes that this time, he would absolutely love it. Well, things didn't quite live up to our expectations, but it wasn't terrible. He was kind of cranky - I think it was just a little too hot, and on top of that he didn't like being stuck in a stroller all afternoon. But he did enjoy a few parts. The fish were a big winner, and for some reason one of the ducks there cracked him up. It was giving itself a bath, and everytime it turned over in the water and splashed around, Sean nearly burst something he was laughing so hard. Carter, on the other hand, had a blast. She was all grins and babble, all afternoon.

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We Don’t Need to Stinkin’ Bridges!

Today Sean managed to get his car into his kiddie pool. It practically filled the whole pool. Then he climbed in, and pretended to drive it around for a while. Maybe someday he'll grow up and a design a new series of personal amphibious vehicles which will change the world of transportation as we know it - or maybe he's just weird. Let's assume the latter. :)

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Friends Forever

Carter and Sadie are getting on great together. Sadie loves to hang out near the baby, and Carter loves to reach out and touch Sadie. She finds the dogs hilarious, even when all they are doing is laying around. Paige is much more nervous around the kids - not so much afraid as annoyed. When Sean comes over to Paige, she grumbles like an old man and goes somewhere else. But I suspect that once he learns to throw a frisbee, the situation will be much improved. Heh.

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Pool Time

We bought Sean a kiddie pool a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot that we had taken these pictures. As you can see, he likes it. It turned out smaller than it looked on the box, but he doesn't seem to mind. This kid loves to get wet. Doesn't matter how or why - if there is water around, he'll be dripping in no time.

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Look at that grin! And if you hit the link and look at the larger version, you can see those shiny new teeth! She put up very little fuss while they were coming in. She chewed everything, of course - but never really seemed to be in any pain. Let's hope that's how the rest of them go, too.

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Scenes from Space #42

Check out these beautiful sculptural clouds of dust in the Rosette Nebula (NGC 2244). The Rosette Nebula spans about 50 light-years, and lies about 4,500 light-years away.

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An Evening Outdoors

We set up the sprinkler for Sean tonight, and he loved it. We had tried to get him to play in it last summer, but I think it spooked him a little bit - he would get near it, but not actually in the water. This time he just marched in and laughed. I also got some great pictures of Lori and Carter, my two favorite babes.

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Swims Like a …. Log?

We all went down to the river on Memorial Day to give Sean a chance to get wet. It had been raining like crazy here, and the river was running pretty high and muddy. But that didn't slow him down one bit! As soon as we got within sight of the river, he marched right in, sat down, and started playing. At one point while walking around in the river, Sean tripped. He fell face first in the river, and immediately went into a "dead man's float". He just lay there, floating. Lori picked him up, and he didn't even cough or splutter. So he must have held his breath. I'm of the opinion that he just floated instead of trying to stand up because he must have opened his eyes underwater, and was checking everything out. But the most encouraging thing was that even though he went under, he didn't panic or get even a little scared. He actually seemed to enjoy it. So maybe he's ready to learn to swim.

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As you can see, she hasn't quite taken to Grampy yet.

Just kidding, she LOVES him!

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