Anatomy of an Artist

Stage 1: Inspiration
The first step in the artistic process is the search for inspiration. He contemplates the nature of life, the universe and everything - all in the quest for the seed of an idea that will blossom into a masterpiece. He becomes pensive, and withdrawn.

Stage 2: Madness
After hours of fruitless searching, the artist slowly goes mad - riding alternating waves of rage and euphoria. It is in this stage that many artists break, succumbing to one vice or another. This artist resorts to drooling on his canvas, and eventually masters his inner demons.

Stage 3: Enlightenment
Eureka! The artist discovers a subject worthy of his craft, and proceeds to capture its raw essence on the canvas. For this work, the artist has chosen the classic beauty of Euclid's visions - namely, the square and the circle. The first of these two masterpieces the artist has entitled "Three Squares", while the second has been titled "Circle on Paper". Note the artist's unique interpretation of these well-known forms.*

Stage 4: Elation
Ah, sweet release! His artistic energy spent, the artist enjoys the resulting afterglow. But alas this joy will be short-lived, as he will momentarily be compelled to repeat the process - an artist's drive to create shows no mercy.

*In all seriousness, Sean really did draw squares and a circle on purpose. It was awesome. He picked up a colored pencil, repeated the name of the shape he was going to draw several times, and then proceeded to try and draw them. They aren't perfect, but for someone who only learned to identify shapes a couple of months ago, they are amazing. Way to go, Sean!
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