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We took Sean Trick-or-Treating tonight - or at least, we walked around the neighborhood in a costume. He did three full laps around the block, but only actually stopped at one house. And I had to trick him into going up to that house by luring him with a peanut butter M&M. But he still had a blast. We don't usually go out walking at night, and all the neighborhood kids were out too, so that made it extra interesting for him. Good times.

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It's official - Sean definitely inherited his dad's hair. Check out the impressive bed-head Sean woke up with after his nap today. Dang, I'm envious of Sean's elite bed-skills, yo!

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Wow. These strike me as excellent pics to threaten to show his girlfriends when he is a teenager. What do you guys think?

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Philco 40-180

My latest project. I'm restoring an old Philco console radio that I won on Ebay. I've always loved the look of 40's era console radios, and loved the idea of the family gathering around the radio each night to listen to serials, sports, and news from around the world. I've decided to restore the wooden cabinet of an old radio, and put a computer inside so we can use it to play back our collection of music, old-time radio adventure and sci-fi stories, and audiobooks. The cabinet I won is in rough shape, but is structurally sound - so it's a great candidate for restoration. The old tube radio inside is no longer functional. I'll start by stripping the finish, repairing the dents and scratches, and gutting the old electronics. I'm planning to post pictures here of the project as it progresses. These first shots are the "before" pics.

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Baby Face

What a cutie! Now that she is looking less - let us say, 'squished' - I would have to say that she looks more like me, or at least more like a Lord. Of course, she looked like Lori for the first few weeks, while she was bullet-headed and wrinkly. Heh heh.

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Scenes from Space #36

As much as I love seeing pictures of the International Space Station (ISS), I've got mixed feelings about the station itself. Has anyone ever seen the Tom Hanks movie "The Money Pit"? That's what the ISS is becoming. More and more of NASA's budget is being gobbled up by the station, leaving less and less for research satellites and robotic interplanetary missions. And the biggest problem is that with the budget crunches and shuttle problems of the last several years, we can never afford to put enough people on the ISS to actually do any science, which is the stated purpose for building the station in the first place. Instead, we can only afford to keep people on the station just to maintain it. Which means that it has really just become an example of our technological prowess in space, but does not serve any useful purpose. Which is why I'm torn. I'd love to see us do some science with it, or stop sinking money into it.

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Shopping Cart Art

Yet more cool sculptures created from junk. These were created by Ptolemy Elrington for a project called RiverCare. I can't seem to find out exactly where they are, but they're near a river in the UK, if that narrows it down at all. heh. The sculptures are created from shopping carts pulled from the river, as part of an awareness campaign to encourage volunteers to adopt sections of the river.
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Mommy and Me

Lori finally feels 'back to normal' - or at least normal enough to appear in pictures. She's a few nights of solid sleep, and isn't looking so dog-tired lately. What a cute pair of ladies!

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Eyes Wide Open

Finally, a picture with her eyes open! So far, she scrunches her eyes closed every time a flash goes off. This time I managed to catch her unprepared.

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I've been reading Shamus Young's blog for over a year now, and it's great for geeks. Lots of programming musings and ideas, sci-fi discussions, Dungeons and Dragons references, and video game analysis. But recently, Shamus created a small video from a session of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 that has spread his name across the internets and their tubes (heh) like wildfire. Check it out, it's hilarious!
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