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Took Sean outside to play with bubbles this afternoon. He had been asking for them all day.

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Pooh Sticks

Don't let the name throw you - this has nothing to do with dung. This guy makes miniature boats out of bits of stuff he finds washed up on the beach. I find them to be very beautiful and whimsical. Check out his Flickr photoset.

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Sometimes when I get home from work and dinner is still cooking, I put Sean up on the island in the kitchen to give him a hug and kiss. He loves to sit up there and look around, and see things from an adult's-eye-view. Well the other day I put him up there, and he made a beeline for the fruit bowl. He grabbed an apple, and started chowing down! It was so cute, we snagged some pictures.

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Too Many Cupcakes?

What do you think guys - is Lori pregnant, or is just over-doing it on the cupcakes? Aye Carumba! I can't imagine what she will look like in another 3 months! The funny thing is, people still don't notice she's pregnant if they see her from behind. The baby is starting to kick a lot, and I've even felt a few myself. We've started work on the nursery, and it is turning out to be a lot of fun - at least now that the painting is done. Three months (or less) to go!

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Scenes from Space #33

Check out this beautiful photo of the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. This long-exposure photo was taken over a rock formation at Capitol Reef National Park, Utah in May 2003.

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Spoon Sculptures

Another intersting find. This guy makes scupltures of figures out of old silverware and other kitchen implements. Very clever - I Dig them. Check out his work in his Flickr photoset.

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