WoW – Moving On Up!

I hit level 57 night before last, and am slowly homing in on 60 (the current level cap). I'm getting pretty excited to experience some of the end-game content, which I've heard a lot about but have never seen - places like Blackrock Spire, Molten Core, and Black Wing Lair. I've started to play around with some of the more advanced ideas in the game, like experimenting with different talent builds and building reputation with different factions. I wish I had know about that stuff earlier, as it would have been easier to do it right from the beginning. This game gets more fun the more I play it, and I've met a few interesting people lately - including some fellow parents of little ones. If anyone out there is also playing (or thinking of playing) this game, look me up! My main character is a Tauren warrior named Kwakanu, on the Earthen Ring server. My alts are an Undead mage named Dorowen, a Tauren hunter named Gorgonzola (with her pet lion named Milkdud, which cracks Lori up), and a Troll priest named Goulash.

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