And So It Begins…

Well, it's started. Sean is starting to talk, and is picking up new words pretty quickly. It's like he crossed a threshold, and now suddenly understands that everything he sees around him actually has a name! So in order to keep a record of his vocabulary, so we can look back and smile, here is the list of words he currently knows:

Mama, Dada, Up, Down, Moo, Dig, Duck, Apple, Banana, Yellow, Blue, Flower, Bye-Bye, and Ball.

"Apple" is by far his favorite. Lori's theme in the kitchen is apples, so there are apples on lots of the things in there. He walks around the kitchen pointing at everything saying "Apple! Apple!". It's really amazing. I suspect that this will stay a lot of fun until he learns how to say "what's that?". I've heard that gets old real quick. :)

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