Sean’s First Hike

Today we took Sean on his first hike - we count this one as his first because he did all of the walking himself. So his career total is now 1/3 of a mile. Woohoo! He's on the board!

We took him to the Cibolo Nature Center here in Boerne. Lori and I used to go there all the time, and I still take the dogs there pretty frequently for long walks. We took him down to the creek (for those non-Texans, apparently down here you're supposed to pronounce that 'crick'), and he waded and splashed for a good hour. Good times were had by all. And as a bonus, a couple of these photos are some of my favorite I've ever taken of Sean, hands down. I ordered one of them (the portrait where he is looking up and to the left) as an 8x10 for my office at work.

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