Kerplunk Radio – Episode 3

I give you episode 3 of Kerplunk Radio! This episode is all acoustic, and all pop - which means it full to the gills with catchy lyrics and melodies that you won't be able to get out of your heads for days! The bands featured in this episode are all indies. Right-click the "download mp3" button and choose "save-as" to save the show to your computer before listening. Here are the artists on this show (all of these artists can be found on;

1. Michael Dowling - Swivel Chair
5. Augean Stables - Citronella
2. Abigail Lapell - Dress Rehearsal 6. AKIVA - Babylon
3. Robert Wade - Monkey Cymbals
7. Jacob Zachary - End of You
4. Megan Melara - Back Home
8. Matt Lambiase - Better
9. Michael Burgess - Apple Seeds

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