CRT2019: San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a pretty amazing place. It was built down below the level of the roads and sidewalk, so from the Riverwalk you can't see or hear the traffic of the city. Every so often there are stairs back up to street level, and if you walk up you are often surprised by just how loud and dense an area you are in - you'd never know it from down below. The central section of the Riverwalk is lined with shops and restaurants, and the whole thing is thick with gardens, trees, and lots of stone bridges. Definitely a must-see.

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CRT2019: NASA Space Center

After the zoo we went to the NASA Space Center in Houston. On the drive there we got caught in a crazy Texas thunderstorm. I remember how intense they are from when we used to live in Texas, but it was a new experience for Carter - she wondered if it might be a hurricane! The Space Center was awesome - they had a Skylab trainer that you walk through, and some of the originally-flown modules from the Mercury and Gemini programs. Lots of spacesuits from the early part of the space program, and other great stuff. Carter got to touch a moon rock! We couldn't go see the shuttle because of the weather, unfortunately. In the gift shop, they sell dozens of different patches - one for each manned NASA mission, just like the astronauts get.

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CRT2019: Houston Zoo

We got really lucky at the Houston Zoo - the thunderstorms arrived right as we were leaving. The whole place was full of Live Oak trees like you see below - I love the way they grow out rather than up. They look so cool and gnarly.

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CRT2019: Houston Hermann Park

First stop on the 2019 roadtrip was Hermann Park in downtown Houston, Texas. There's a man-made lake that we walked around, and saw lots of wildlife. Someone gave Carter a handful of peanuts, and she hand-fed the squirrels. We lots of turtles, and a whole bunch of baby ducks. And it stayed dry the whole time, even through it threatened to rain the all morning.

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More Pottery

Just a pictorial update on how the pottery is going. The glazes are starting to look a lot better. I'm still learning how to be more consistent in getting the forms I want, but the practice is definitely helping.

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Glazing Pottery

We've finally gotten the hang of glazing - this is the first batch of stuff we'd be willing to let somebody else see. :) This was a random collection of stuff - there are several bowls there, plus a pie plate, a couple of small dessert plates, a couple of planters, and a mortar and pestle.

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Getting Started with Pottery

Lori and I got a pottery wheel over Christmas, and I've been learning to throw some pots. I've always wanted to learn, after getting a small taste of it in high school. I'm just getting started, so nothing looks particularly amazing yet. But I'm starting to get a little more consistent. We've yet to fire or glaze anything, but expect more photos of that soon.

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Sean’s Drawing

Sean has been watching a bunch of YouTube videos about drawing lately, and he drew this. I think it came out great! It's currently on display on our fridge.

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Cherry End Table – New Top

As I mentioned in the earlier post about this table, I thought the original tile top was just too plain. I replaced that tile with this hexagonal mosaic tile. I think it looks *much* better - far more interesting.

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Kitchen Backsplash

I redid our kitchen backsplash over the Christmas break, but forgot to post photos of it. The old one was white square tiles with pictures of grapes and flowers, or something - not really our style. So I replaced it with this natural stone mosaic. I love the way it came out (especially with all of the minor color variations in the individual tiles) but working on the 45 degree angle like that was torture - it meant every single sheet of tile needed to be cut on at least one edge. I'm sure glad it's done now. :)

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