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Recipe – Raspberry / Strawberry Jam

Sean and I made theses jams months ago, but I've just now gotten around to putting the recipe page together. Both of these were pretty easy, and have ingredients lists that even Carter could could count on one hand. We had to use store-bought, frozen fruit - but hopefully next year we can use some that we'll be growing in our own garden.

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Recipe – Sun Relish

Sean and I made this late last summer. We picked the peaches ourselves, and picked up the peppers from a local grower. It's delicious, but I can't figure out what to put it on. Anyone got any ideas?

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Recipe – Penn. Dutch Apple Cake

My mom used to make this when I was kid, and I could never get enough. I'm hoping to make it soon myself, as soon as I get the right pan.

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Recipe – Peach Butter

Sean and I made this one about a month ago. It was the first recipe I ever tried to can. The kids love it, and from what I hear Tracy does as well. We picked the peaches ourself at a local orchard, and we planted the pits from the peaches this past October. Hopefully we'll see some trees sprout up next spring.

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Recipe: Pat-Flat Cookies

I'm working on putting together a family cookbook of all our recipes, and doing the individual recipes scrapbook-style. When it's all done - which probably won't be for another year, as each recipe needs to be cooked, photographed, and a page created - I'm going to publish a small run through as Christmas gifts next year. Here's the first of the recipes I've made a page for - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, otherwise known as "Pat-Flat Cookies".

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