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Root Beer Sampling

I don't drink, but I like the idea of craft beer. Recently I found out that there are lots of small bottlers that make root beer in the bottle, and I've been sampling all of the ones I can find locally. I think I've tried about twelve different types so far. My favorite to date is probably Bulldog (9th from the left). The weirdest one so far is the Bundaberg (the short, stout bottle - 2nd from the right) - it was really fruity. I found a cool place online called "The Root Beer Store" that stocks more than 100 varieties at reasonable prices - the only issue is the shipping is a killer. Glass bottles filled with liquid are just really expensive to ship. Which is too bad - but for now I'll just stick to what I can find around here.

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Bedrock Gardens

A few weekends ago Lori, the kids and I met my sister and her kids at Bedrock Gardens, in Nottingham, NH. This place was really cool - I wish I had taken more pictures. It's basically a 20-acre garden in the middle of the woods, with all kinds of sculptures everywhere you look. They're only open two weekends a month - we'll have to get back there sometime and take more photos.

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Carter’s Baking

Carter has been becoming a really good little baker over the last six months or so. Here are just a few examples of things she's made recently. In the photo below are some pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, some cream cheese frosting pumpkin cupcakes, some coconut macaroons, and a loaf of wheat bread. Everything was made from scratch, by Carter, with no help from us. She's amazing!

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Dusk Walk at Maudslay

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Pin Wall

Every time the kids or I get a pin we stick them here. The kids sometimes get them with Pokemon cards, and I always get one in the Loot Crates we're subscribed to. We're slowly amassing quite a collection. It's fun to look back through them and remember where they all come from.

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Burlington / Lake Champlain

Lori and I just got back from a weekend in Burlington, VT. Lori took these amazing pictures while we were walking along the boardwalk along the lakefront at sunset.

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This Is Not the Exit You’re Looking For…

And yes, this was the only door around.

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Field Trip – Odiorne State Park

Lori and I chaperoned a field trip to Odiorne State Park. Our group ended up consisting of just Carter and one of her friends. It was pretty cool to explore the tide pools and look for sea life. The weather was pretty amazing too.

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Day at the Beach

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CRT2016 – Hershey’s Chocolate World

We passed through Hershey, Pennsylvania on day six of Carter's road trip, and stopped for another visit to Hershey's Chocolate World (we visited last year as well). We didn't really take any pictures this time - other than this one. What was cool was that they had just finished a bunch of renovations, so even though we'd been there before it was still a totally different experience.

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