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Pin Wall

Every time the kids or I get a pin we stick them here. The kids sometimes get them with Pokemon cards, and I always get one in the Loot Crates we're subscribed to. We're slowly amassing quite a collection. It's fun to look back through them and remember where they all come from.

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Burlington / Lake Champlain

Lori and I just got back from a weekend in Burlington, VT. Lori took these amazing pictures while we were walking along the boardwalk along the lakefront at sunset.

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This Is Not the Exit You’re Looking For…

And yes, this was the only door around.

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Field Trip – Odiorne State Park

Lori and I chaperoned a field trip to Odiorne State Park. Our group ended up consisting of just Carter and one of her friends. It was pretty cool to explore the tide pools and look for sea life. The weather was pretty amazing too.

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Day at the Beach

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CRT2016 – Hershey’s Chocolate World

We passed through Hershey, Pennsylvania on day six of Carter's road trip, and stopped for another visit to Hershey's Chocolate World (we visited last year as well). We didn't really take any pictures this time - other than this one. What was cool was that they had just finished a bunch of renovations, so even though we'd been there before it was still a totally different experience.

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CRT2016 – Skyline Drive

Day five of Carter's road trip was supposed to include a beautiful two hour drive along the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Lori and I had driven the Skyline Drive when we moved to Texas in 2002, and I've always wanted to go back someday. Unfortunately, the weather did us in. We got a couple of very foggy views right at the start, and then it started to pour. And even once the road climbed above the rain, the fog was brutal. I could probably only see three or four car-lengths ahead of us - which is pretty nerve-wracking when you know you are driving along the side of a mountain and in many places the road doesn't have any kind of barrier between you and the air.

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CRT2016 – Grand Caverns

We had to skip the drive-through safari on day five of Carter's road trip - it was pouring rain and they were closed. But luckily our next stop was immune to the nasty weather. This cavern system was huge - and there is even more to the system (that was just discovered a couple of years ago) that isn't open to the public - those additional rooms and tunnels would more than double the size of the 'show' caves. Our guide was really good, and shared lots of additional information above and beyond the normal tour, because our group was so small and they weren't expecting many visitors that day with the weather the way it was.

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CRT2016 – Museum Day

Day four of Carter's road trip took us to a pair of museums - the Virginia Air and Space Center, and the Science Museum of Virginia. The Air and Space Center was pretty amazing - it was one of NASA's public outreach locations, and had all sorts of cool space-related exhibits (in addition to the airplanes and jets you would expect). The science museum was pretty impressive too - but for some reason every science museum I've ever been to with the kids has been too dark to get good photos.

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CRT2016 – Virginia Beach

We finished day three of Carter's road trip in Virginia Beach. The weather was still pretty rotten, but we had brief breaks in the rain that we used to walk the beach. We had lunch at the cool seaside Dairy Queen that's been there for over 65 years. Our hotel room had a 6th floor balcony that looked out over the ocean, which was pretty awesome. We never made it down to the Neptune statue at the other end of the boardwalk though - Carter ran out of steam before we got that far.

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